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This is our commitment to design and manufacture a variety of exquisite Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day and other Crafts & Ornaments accessories. Our Mission is to achieve "Quality first customer first" in priority, products are exported to the United States and Europe and other countries.
Product types include a plurality of types of resin products, iron products, cloth products, foam products, glass products, plastic products, natural type products.
Product models include: Santa Claus, Christmas angels, Christmas shot, bird clip, butterfly clips, Christmas Circle, Garland, branches, gingerbread man, cookie house, Easter eggs and other styles pendants, ornaments, cuttings and clips.
We design and manufacture a wide variety of fashionable products, and we can also provide customers with personalized design.  Welcome clients from all over the world to order from us.


我司致力於設計及製造各種精美的聖誕節, 復活節, 情人節等工藝飾品.  本著”質量第一顧客至上”的宗旨, 產品遠銷美國和歐洲等多個國家。


產品類型有: 樹脂製品, 鐵製品, 布類製品, 發泡製品, 玻璃製品, 塑料製品, 自然類製品等多個類型。


產品款式有: 聖誕老人, 聖誕天使, 聖誕吊球, 小鳥夾, 蝴蝶夾, 聖誕圈, 長藤, 枝頭, 薑餅人, 餅干屋, 復活蛋等款式掛件, 擺件, 插枝和夾子。


本司設計和生產的產品品種繁多, 款式新穎, 也可為客戶提供個性化的設計方案, 熱誠歡迎海內外客商洽談, 訂購。

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